About Us

The Web Design Company You’ve Been Looking For:

Browser Media has always been about clean, simple and beautiful web design.

Browser Media, a Dubai Web Design Company is a company of web designers and web developers located in Dubai, UAE. We are a young, energetic, current company which offers design & development solutions which are attractive, high end, and easy-to-use.

We believe that quality design, hard work, and communication are the keys to solving your business needs.

We help organisations create and improve online products through research, strategy and design. In essence, we make simple, creative, easy-to-use online experiences that are a pleasure to use.

We have a strong focus on simplicity, interaction design, usability, web standards and accessibility, but most importantly we employ a user-centred design approach, which means we stay focused on the specific needs of your audience throughout the design process.

Our in-house expertise means that we can deliver quicker than agencies that outsource, and our vision for your online business won’t be diluted

Most companies hire one firm to design their website, one to optimize it for search engines, and one to increase conversions. But we think a well built website should include a 360° strategy. When you hire Proper Labs you don’t just get a future-proof website built on rock solid technology – we will also ensure your website is SEO friendly out of the box, and design it to drive high conversions once your visitors get there.

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